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Endi Poskovic Exhibits at Vienna Künstlerhaus

Endi Poskovic Poster 1

Professor Endi Poskovic exhibits in Posterproject GELD MACHT SICHTBAR at Künstlerhaus Wien and on billboards EPAMEDIA in Steiermark, Wien and Burgenland. The project MONEY MAKES VISIBLE aspires to place artistic messages to cause irritation in the space of solicitation” usually occupied by businesses and commercial advertisements. Amidst the surfaces that are put to commercial use, philosophical and poetical signs are placed into the public space. Philosophical riddles that cannot be resolved by means of conventional (advertising) logic take the place of evocative solicitations to shop. The posters are presented on 1,800 billboards in eastern Austria during the month of May 2013

Artists and teams participating: 
Team Ammar Abo Bakr / Aya Tarek, Egypt 
Team Andraschek / Lobnig, Austria 
Team Josef Danner / Hüseyin Isik, Austria/​Turkey
Team Lucia Dellefant / Anton Petz, Germany/​Austria Julius Deutschbauer, Austria 
Team Stepan Cervenka / Georg Lebzelter / Nikolaus Link, Czech Republic/​Austria
Dan Perjovschi, Romania 
Endi Poskovic, USA 
Werner Reiterer, Austria 
Klaus Staeck, Germany 
Ingeborg Strobl, Austria 
Erwin Wurm, Austria 

Dates: April 19 — June 92013 
Künstlerhaus Karlsplatz 5 1010 Vienna, Austria