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Endi Poskovic Exhibits at McClung Museum

Endi poskovic winter landscape2015

Endi Poskovic is featured in Drawn from the McClung Museum, an exhibition involving 28 artists, each of whom has produced a work in response to objects from the collection of the McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture. Organized by Sydney Cross, Alumni Distinguished Professor of Art from Clemson University in collaboration with Catherine Shteynberg, McClung Museum Curator, the exhibition pairs the objects and the works to address how we perceive and interpret art, science, and culture. Like the museum itself, the objects are varied, ranging from a mastodon mandible and an Egyptian ibis mummy, to a Victorian hair necklace and an Ojibwa men’s ceremonial dance apron.

The exhibition is being held in conjunction with the SGC International Printmaking Conference, which will bring 1,500 printmakers to the University of Tennessee from the United States and abroad March 18 – 212015.

Participating artists include Lynne Allen, Boston, Massachusetts; Ed Bernstein, Bloomington, Indiana; Mark Bovey, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; Sean Caulfield, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Aaron S. Coleman, DeKalb, Illinois; Sydney A. Cross, Pendleton, South Carolina; Deborah Cornell, Boston, Massachusetts; Maggie Denk-Leigh, Cleveland, Ohio; Mark Dion, New York, New York; Holly Greenberg, Syracuse, New York; Fred Hagstrom, Saint Paul, Minnesota; Adrianne Herman, Portland, Maine; John Hitchcock, Madison, Wisconsin; Emmy Lingscheit, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois; Beauvais Lyons, Knoxville, Tennessee; Phyllis McGibbon, Wellesley, Massachusetts; Ayanah Moor, Chicago, Illinois; Althea Murphy-Price, Knoxville, Tennessee; Dennis O’Neil, Washington, DC; Endi Poskovic, Ann Arbor, Michigan; John Risseeuw, Tempe, Arizona; Geo Sipp, Kennesaw, Georgia; Tanja Softic, Richmond, Virginia; Ericka Walker, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; Art Werger, Athens, Ohio; Koichi Yamamoto, Knoxville, Tennessee; Melanie Yazzie, Boulder, Colorado, USA.

McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture
The University of Tennessee
1327 Circle Park Drive
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996 – 3200