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Endi Poskovic Exhibits and Lectures at the University of Split in Croatia

Viewers inspect Endi Poskovic's colorful large scale prints on view in a white-walled, bright gallery

Stamps Professor Endi Poskovic presents Fortuna: Endi Poskovic Selection of Prints 2002 – 2022, a solo exhibition at the University of Split Art Gallery in Split, Croatia. 

The first comprehensive survey of Professor Poskovic’s printworks in Croatia, the Fortuna exhibition is a complex visual entity that brings a selection of works created between 2002 to 2022, namely three graphic series Majestic, Crossing, and Dream.

Poskovic’s visual work draws on influences such as early cinema, Japanese ukiyo‑e prints, and European propaganda posters. Traversing analog and digital realms in his creative practice of drawing, graphics, and animation, Poskovic explores the nature of composite narrative in which visual signifiers, real and imagined, intersect to form images that suggest dichotomies, suggesting themes of displacement, transformation, and revival.

Professor Poskovic also presented a public lecture titled Impossible Objects: Memory and the Paradox of Image at the Art Academy in Split.