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Endi Poskovic: Cleveland Solo Exhibition

Endi Poskovic Cleveland show news

Stamps Professor Endi Poskovic is featured in Dream: New Print Works”, a solo exhibition opening at Cleveland’s 2731 Prospect Gallery on October 21. For this exhibition, Poskovic will be presenting two new groups of works: woodcuts created during his 2015 – 2016 Fulbright year in Poland as well as new lithographs produced during a 2015 residency at NSCAD University Print Studios in Nova Scotia.

Poskovic’s laser-engraved, hand-printed ukiyo‑e woodcuts produced in Poland vividly comment on universal themes of displacement, memory, transformation and revival. In these images, hybridized and pixilated fragments of a robe, a rock, a ring, and a cross-shaped house are situated within an indistinct setting that reveals no direct relation to a specific space or event. The dichotomy between the image and its ambiguous surroundings engages the viewer in an attempt to construct a connection through limited visual information.

Transcending the process of drawing, print making and animation, the Crossing Series produced in Canada explores the nature of composite narrative, in which visual signifiers, both factual and invented, intersect to form imagery suggestive of real-life dichotomies proposing themes of displacement, transformation and revival. In my work, this fusion allows for rules of scale and representation to shift and for new visual narratives to emerge. The unfamiliar becomes almost tactile, while the familiar provides a handhold on reality.

Exhibition Dates: October 21 – December 32016
Opening Reception: Friday, October 21, 6:009:00 pm
Gallery Talk: Saturday, October 22, at noon. 

2731 Prospect, Cleveland OH 44115
tel. 888273188