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Endi Poskovic: Celebrating Print Magazine

Endi Poskovic news

Stamps Professor Endi Poskovic discusses two current projects, Crossing and Dream, in a recent issue of Celebrating Print Magazine.

Two eloquently disquieting projects, Crossing and Dream, recent avatars of my ongoing traversal between the analog and digital realms, converge according to pillars of the printed image: multiplicity, seriality and translation. They reflect on a way of life unafflicated by temporality yet devastated by violent events in the country of my birth, Yugoslavia.”

Celebrating Print Magazine is a biannual magazine on fine art print and printmaking in Central and Eastern Europe. Celebrating Print Magazine works with curators, scholars, master printers, and printmakers to explore historic, modern and contemporary prints and printmaking practice throughout the region. The publication features original writings, including articles, essays, projects and interviews, accompanied by high quality, full-color reproductions and photo stories. 

In Crossing the Dreams to Unnamed Reality, by Endi Poskovic | Celebrating Print Magazine: Print version / Web version