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Endi Poskovic: Artist-in-Residence in Tokyo

Endi Poskovic Japan news

Stamps Professor Endi Poskovic is one of the three international artists invited to participate in a week-long artist-in-residence program (February 25 — Match 4) at MI-LAB in Tokyo, Japan. While in Tokyo, Poskovic will work with the master-printmaker Tetsuo Soyama at the CfSHE Arts Chiyoda to produce mokuhanga prints.

Founded in 2011, MI-LAB (Mokuhanga Innovation Lab) is an artist-in-residence program designed to provide extensive knowledge of mokuhanga (water-based woodblock printmaking) and its techniques to international artists, printmakers and teachers of printmaking, as well as to enable them to make use of traditional tools and materials. The workshop is led by professional mokuhanga artists, master carvers and printers. This enables participating artists from differing cultural backgrounds to explore their interests through the traditional techniques of mokuhanga. Through its annual program of workshops and presentations, MI-LAB encourages participating artists to broaden their professional skills and to engage in networking, with the aim of encouraging the mutual development of printmakers throughout the world.