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Emilia Yang Gives A Workshop At The ESC Symposium: Residues Or What Remains

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Assistant Professor Emilia Yang gave the workshop Org Residues (organic, organizing, organizations) after massacres: Post-mortem insurrections and politics in the Center for Ethics, Society, and Computing annual symposium on April 12, 2024, at U‑M’s School of Information.

About the Workshop

In this workshop, we will hold space to talk/​share/​learn about the collective, affective, and historical memories of communities that confront violent technologies (genocide, displacement, surveillance, data colonialism and harms, platform capitalism, state, and para-state violence) across the world, with an emphasis on the Global South. Thinking with Mexican philosopher Sayak Valencia and her concept of post-mortem insurrections and politics”, we will celebrate collective grief, transformative justice, solidarity, and community-building strategies in the face of algorithmic-enabled violence. Participants will be invited to fill various prompts to create a room/​wall/​space of Org Residues collectively to confront fear and paralysis.

About 2024 Symposium – ESC: Residues or What Remains

They say: AI is here. It is inevitable. It is unprecedented. It is the future. Underneath these claims of inevitably and futurity are residues of technological pasts and presents. Things that stick and smear, pasts that linger. What if we stick with what remains, with these residues — data not used, lands wasted, bodies rendered disposable, labor discarded, life unattractive to computation, tricky histories of technological and political moments? What if we attend to residual labor, cleaning up, redirecting vision, and what is soon to be replaced by machines? What lifeforms and futures with technology might become possible then?