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Emilia White: ‘The Little Devils’ Radio Play

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Stamps Lecturer Emilia White (a.k.a. Emilia Javanica) recently completed The Little Devils, a short radio play for the holidays. 

The Little Devils
It is Christmas morning and the Franks are gathered around the family Christmas tree, exchanging gifts in the name of Jesus Christ. When an unexpected package arrives from Santa and his Reindeer, little Jimmy Frank must channel the killing powers of his new computer game, The Little Devils, to kill the evil that has taken over the living room. Will the Franks survive? Will they keep the Christ” in Christmas once and for all? Will they save Jesus from the cross? This short radio play is about holiday consumerism, religious fanaticism, and the awkwardness of family on Christmas.

Written and Directed by: Emilia Javanica
Performed by: Eleni Zaharopoulos, Torri Ashford, Paul Manganello & Emilia Javanica
Sound Engineering by: Jeff Gazdacko & David Greenspan
Sound Editing and Mixing by: Jeff Gazdacko

Recorded and produced in the University of Michigan Duderstadt Center Audio Studio, December 2016.

The Little Devils by Emilia Javanica | SoundCloud