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Emilia White Published in Maternal Journal #2

White Emilia Heavy Load4
Photo taken by Sudandyo Aprilianto, featuring Emilia White and Charlie Michaels in the parent skin bodysuits. 

Stamps Lecturer Emilia White’s photo Heavy Load from her Parent Skins performance photography series has been published in the Maternal Journal #2 (MJ2) 110 page Risograph printed art book. The book was co-edited by artist Leslie Holt and Artist Mother Studio (AMS) creator, Amy Hughes Braden. Rebecca Pauline Jampol, co-Director of Project for Empty Space (PES) designed and printed MJ2 as part of the PES Feminist Incubator. The journal release event took place on Sunday, November 24th 2019 at Red Dirt Studio in Mount Rainer, Maryland.

This edition was inspired by the words of bell hooks from Feminism is For Everybody: In future feminist movement we need to work harder to show parents the ways ending sexism positively changes family life. Feminist movement is pro-family. Ending patriarchal domination of children, by men or women, is the only way to make the family a place where children can be safe, where they can be free, where they can know love.”

Parent Skins is a participatory photo performance series that tackles topics of postpartum depression and isolation with a humor that diffuses the weight of the stigma surrounding mental health. The photo Heavy Load explores the co-parenting struggle, when sleep deprivation, messy houses, overflowing laundry, and different approaches to raising children take center stage.