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Emilia White: Detroit Puppet Slam Performance

Emilia White performs at Detroit Puppet Slam
Photo by Stefan Petrmichl 

Stamps Lecturer Emilia White performed at the Detroit Puppet Slam, held October 20 – 23, 2022 at Planet Ant Detroit. Organized by the Detroit Puppet Company, the event is an annual celebration of local and national puppet talent, presented for Detroit audiences, highlighting the works of twelve artists. 

40 year old ZIT” told the true story of a zit named Suzanne who came to visit Emilia on her 40th birthday. It featured a participatory song and dance number, and conveyed the wisdom that 40-year-old zits have in contrast to their adolescent predecessors. The ending song featured the chorus line: Zits! Everybody has them, nobody wants them!” and was dedicated to Suzanne. Emilia is currently working on expanding 40 year old ZIT” into a longer performance, as well as a fabric book.