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Emilia Javanica Presents “Boat to Nowhere” at the Porous Borders Festival May 17

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Emilia Javanica (MFA 2012) is presenting her new play, Boat to Nowhere, at the Porous Borders Festival along the Hamtramck/​Detroit border on Sunday, May 17. Performances will take place at the Play House (12657 Moran Street) at 2 and 5pm.

Inspired by the painting Journey” by Sudandyo Aprilianto, Boat to Nowhere is a play exploring the tug of war that international couples experience between their separate places of origin. The play is written and directed by Emilia Javanica, performed by Jaclyn Strez and Nicholas Pobutsky, with sound design by Simon Alexander-Adams.

The Porous Borders Festival is a two-day free public art event taking place May 16 – 17, 2015 along every segment of the Hamtramck/​Detroit border. With spectacle parades, eclectic installations, community conversation-starters, psychogeographic strolls, athletic competitions and more, works reflect and engage the diverse experiences of those living along the border, address the geographic reality of the Hamtramck/​Detroit border, and examine the nature of borders themselves. The Festival is curated and presented by The Hinterlands, who create performances that are both highly irrational and deeply American. Formed in 2009 by Richard Newman and Liza Bielby, the Detroit-based company has used its unique, physical, and collaborative process to create a range of work including psychedelic Wild West shows, drive-in radio theatre, shadow puppet magical realism, immersive documentary film, and sub-cultural Vaudeville.