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Emanuel Papageorgiou Selected as Runner-Up in Vectorworks International Competition

Sun diagram
Emanuel Papageorgiou: Rendering of Detroit Transportation Center 

Stamps alum Emanuel Papageorgiou (BFA 19) was selected as a Runner-Up in the Vectorworks International Competition for his IP Thesis Project, Re-Imagining Regional Transportation”. Papageorgiou received the Gorman Award at the time of his graduation, continued to develop his senior thesis project in the following months, and applied to the International Vectorworks Design Scholarship in late August.

Re-Imagining Regional Transportation” visualizes how architectural infrastructure can support emerging transportation technologies like the Hyperloop Concept, a 700-mph tube train.

By placing the city of Detroit in the middle of a proposed future Midwest Hyperloop System, the city can reap the economic and social benefits of a system that would allow for the near-instant delivery of goods, services and people. Furthermore, as people would no longer have to work and live in the same city, the current urban design practices can be re-evaluated and more sustainable methods of land development can be put into place.

Re-Imagining Regional Transportation”, appears on the second to last row under the Runners-Up category of the Vectorworks design scholarship website. Papageorgiou’s project was the only selected entry from the University of Michigan and was featured among those from Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, UPenn, and Columbia.