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Ellen Wilt Offers Welcome Fence Design

Ellen Wilt Welcome Fence back
Image courtesy of Ellen Wilt. 

In response to recent immigration policies at the US/​Mexico border, Stamps alumna Ellen Wilt (BFA, 69 and MA, 70) has designed the Welcome Fence.” This modified chain link fence, both larger than normal and fitted with a special opening to accommodate one adult and two children,” offers a positive statement on American values to counter the forces of bigotry and xenophobia found in the national narrative today.

Wilt is offering the design free of charge to anyone desiring to built it. She believes this conceptual piece would be a point of interest in any public park, especially in sanctuary cities. Families would want to have photographs of themselves passing through it.

Ellen Wilt has lived and worked in Ann Arbor since 1949 and completed two degrees (BFA, 69 and MA, 70) at the University of Michigan. She is an important figure in Ann Arbor’s art community, who has consistently worked at fostering a vibrant arts community as an artist and educator in the Academy and beyond. She was an art professor for 17 years (196985) at the Eastern Michigan University. 

Parties interested in building the fence are invited to express their interest via email: ellenwilt@​aol.​com.