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Elizabeth Redmond: 2015 Commencement Address

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On Sat­ur­day, May 2, the 2015 com­mence­ment address was deliv­ered by Eliz­a­beth Red­mond (BFA 2006), founder and CEO of coWorkr.

Eliz­a­beth Redmond

Eliz­a­beth Red­mond is a self pro­claimed design-trepre­neur. Since grad­u­at­ing from the Stamps School in 2006, she has paved her own roads as a designer, entre­pre­neur and com­pany Founder and CEO. Her work has been pub­lished in the New York Times, Forbes Mag­a­zine, Fast Com­pany and oth­ers and she has appeared on national TV on the Dis­cov­ery, Sci­ence and Sun­dance Chan­nels. This work has taken her around the globe and back a few times and she attrib­utes much of this to a burn­ing desire to con­stantly push her­self to uncom­fort­able sum­mits, and more impor­tantly, to make an impact on the world that will out­live her.

Through­out her BFA, she was inspired both by respon­si­ble design and com­bin­ing tech­nolo­gies to cre­ate novel, yet needed prod­ucts. As she set out on her 4th year IP work, she was struck with an idea: What if we could cap­ture energy exerted by peo­ple to gen­er­ate the elec­tric­ity we use every day? Inspired, Eliz­a­beth designed a floor­ing sys­tem that con­verted energy from foot­steps into usable power. In 2007 she formed POW­ER­leap Inc and soon inked con­tracts with Nike, The King­dom of Saudi Ara­bia, Inter­face­FLOR, Gillette, Haworth Fur­ni­ture Com­pany, and oth­ers. In 8 years her com­pany has evolved and piv­oted to their cur­rent prod­uct, coWorkr: a sen­sor-based design tool which helps com­pa­nies opti­mize their work­place for a rapidly chang­ing, mobile work­force, which is dis­trib­uted in 48 coun­tries. Step­ping out of her usual tech space, Eliz­a­beth recently fur­thered her entre­pre­neuri­al­ism by launch­ing a new apparel busi­ness with her sis­ter called hide & cheek” — a body-hug­ging basics line using fab­rics that nour­ish, pro­tect and heal the skin.