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Elijah Haswell Publishing LGBTQ+ Book via Kickstarter


Stamps student Elijah Haswell is working to publish People of Pride: 50 Stories of LGBTQ+ Americans, a fully illustrated, hardcover book packed with the stories of 50+ LGBTQ+ individuals from American history on Kickstarter: the campaign ends this Sunday, July 142019.

I’m an LGBTQ+ Stamps student currently publishing a research and illustration project of two years via Kickstarter. The book will be 8.5×11”, 125-pages, family-friendly, and fully illustrated. People of Pride: 50 Stories of LGBTQ+ Americans” explores the individual forgotten stories of 50 historic LGBTQ+ Americans via a 2‑page spread featuring a full color illustrated portrait of the individual accompanied by an easily digestible one-page story of their lives.

People of Pride: 50 Stories of LGBTQ+ Americans | Kickstarter