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Dreams Towards Home: New Book Focuses on the Art of Endi Poskovic

Themes of journeys, immigration, and roots are evident in the work of prolific artist and Stamps Professor Endi Poskovic. His work is the focus of a recently published book entitled Dreams Towards Home, a collaborative project that has been ten years in the making. 

Professor Xiaobing Tang conceived the book during his tenure at U‑M, where he taught in the department of Art History from 2008 – 2019. It was published in June 2022 by the Zhejiang People’s Fine Arts Publishing House and includes critical essays by Paul Coldwell, Christina Schmid, and Fang Limin with over 100 reproductions of Poskovic’s work, as well as images referencing other artists and designers contextualized within the essays.

Endi Poskovic holds a large print on a table in a studio surrounded by three students.

Tang was introduced to Poskovic’s work at Multiple Impressions: contemporary Chinese woodblock prints, organized by the University of Michigan Museum of Art in 2011. At that time, Tang proposed organizing an exhibition of Poskovic’s work in China and continued working on the project over his tenure at Michigan and beyond. The pandemic halted the entire project, but Tang and the Zhejiang Art Museum proceeded with publishing the book. 

For two decades, Poskovic has done considerable work and research on East Asia and developed lasting relationships with educators, artists, and designers in that region. He has made many trips to Mainland China, Taiwan, and Japan to study, research, teach, lecture, produce, and exhibit his art. In 2014, Poskovic led Stamps students for a study abroad semester in China, the first Stamps School-sponsored program of that kind. As a result of his focus on East Asia, he has become an advocate and expert on the importance of water-based printmaking, painting, and hand-made papermaking in education. 

In this video, Poskovic reflects on his work featured in Dreams Towards Home. 

In this video, Endi Poskovic talks about his recently-published book and the inspiration for his art.