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Drawing Conclusions: Stamps First Year Students Tackle Climate Change

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Stamps students in Cathy VanVoorhis’ Drawing II course are shining a spotlight on the effects of climate change. During the Winter 2017 term, the students conducted research on the effects of climate change, including viewing the award-winning 2016 documentary Before the Flood. In response, students created posters to address the effects of our warming planet. We made these posters with the intent to reach out to other students at the university,” VanVoorhis said. It’s critical that we keep this conversation top-of-mind and tailor our actions, our purchasing, and our advocacy accordingly.”

Posters by the Winter 2017 students are on view in the University of Michigan Student Union through Tuesday, October 31, 2017. Explore the posters online, thanks to the local chapter of the Citizens Climate Lobby. 

Participating Stamps students include: 

  • Abby Olsen
  • Mika Reedy
  • Cassie Hoisington
  • Julia Lazarus
  • Dakota Lewis
  • Anna Lebedeva
  • Grace Gonzalez
  • Katie Dillon
  • Franklin Dobrusin