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Dr Emilia Yang: AIGA Year in Design Win

Image of an opened book, with the text 365 AIGA Year in Design 2021 Winner Social Design

AMA Constructing Memory — Interactive Art Book, a project created by Stamps Assistant Professor Dr. Emilia Yang, has been selected as a winner in the Social Design category of the 365: AIGA Year in Design contest.

The interactive art book contains more than 100 stories of victims of state repression in Nicaragua told by the voices of their family members, and includes an augmented reality component that allows access via QR codes to testimonies, maps, and virtual altars in memory of the victims. The Mothers of April Association members have narrated their testimonies with the commitment that these crimes against humanity do not ever repeat.

AMA Constructing Memory was selected along with other pieces among 466 applications from different parts of the world including the United States, United Kingdom, Hungary, Philippines, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Italy, Singapore, Turkey, and more. Rafael Esquer, a member of the jury, expressed that powerful and disturbing stories found their canvas in this well thought-out 360 analog-digital project that includes an interactive book, a series of videos and augmented reality.” The 365: AIGA Year in Design contest is organized by the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), the largest and oldest professional Association for Design based in New York.

AIGA — AMA Constructing Memory Interactive Art Book