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Do You See What I See? Art Exhibition Held by Four Graduating Seniors


On view at Open­Floor from April 12 through April 2, Do You See What I See? is an art exhi­bi­tion fea­tur­ing work by grad­u­at­ing seniors from the Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design at the Uni­ver­sity of Michigan. 

Isabella Brand, Sophie Lin­den, Riley Par­rish, and Olivia Prado are cur­rently enrolled in an Inte­gra­tive Project Class, a year-long course designed to allow stu­dents to cre­ate a project on their own, draw­ing upon their work at Stamps and in other dis­ci­plines and result­ing in a final exhi­bi­tion at the end of the year. When the school’s in-per­son exhi­bi­tion was can­celed due to COVID-19, Brand, Lin­den, Par­rish, and Prado decided to hold their own exhi­bi­tion in order to have a live audi­ence see the works in person. 

The exhi­bi­tion will fea­ture each member’s multi-media work includ­ing sculp­tures, paint­ings, instal­la­tions, and a book. 

The title, Do You See What I See? comes from a shared inter­est in explor­ing our own indi­vid­ual per­spec­tives and how that can influ­ence our under­stand­ing of real­ity. We under­stand that each per­son pos­sesses a cat­a­log of com­pletely unique expe­ri­ences that alters the way they see the world around them. By pos­ing the ques­tion Do You See What I See?” we are ask­ing our view­ers to take a moment to reflect on our art­work in a way that nudges them to let go of their pre­con­ceived notions, and see the world through a dif­fer­ent lens.

Each of these four art­works address this cen­tral theme in their own way. 

Isabella Brand cre­ates fig­u­ra­tive paint­ings that verge on the line between 2D and 3D forms. By cre­at­ing a multi-dimen­sional work that requires the viewer to phys­i­cally view the pieces from dif­fer­ent posi­tions around the room, Brand is demon­strat­ing the idea that per­spec­tive shifts an individual’s per­cep­tion of reality. 

Painter Sophie Lin­den has cre­ated a series of five large paint­ings depict­ing detailed stud­ies of the sur­face of rocks and fos­sils found on the shores of Lake Michi­gan. Through this series, Lin­den wants the viewer to be able to find life in these objects, to take the time to study the small things with abun­dant curios­ity in order to learn there is so much to dis­cover about the world we live in. 

Riley Par­rish explores their body dys­mor­phia as a queer indi­vid­ual through instal­la­tion. They are using soft sculp­ture and poetry to por­tray their feel­ing of dis­gust towards their breasts. The instal­la­tion allows the audi­ence to reflect on how it feels to live in a body that does not feel like your own. 

Olivia Prado has cre­ated a col­lec­tion of images and text about under­stand­ing their Mex­i­can-Amer­i­can iden­tity. Through their poetry, essays, and art­work, they touch on top­ics such as farm­ing, nation­al­ity, col­orism, and appro­pri­a­tion. Prado is pre­sent­ing view­ers with an oppor­tu­nity to under­stand the Mex­i­can-Amer­i­can iden­tity from a per­spec­tive of per­sonal experience.

We want to thank our spon­sor Arts at Michi­gan and our gen­er­ous donors from GoFundMe. Our exhi­bi­tion would not have been pos­si­ble with­out their support.

Do You See What I See?
Where: Open­Floor, 213 S. State St., Suite 2, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Dates and Hours: Open for view­ing from April 12 through April 22

Open­ing events will be held at the fol­low­ing times:

  • Tues­day, April 13th from 6 – 9pm
  • Sat­ur­day and Sun­day, April 17 & 18 from 11am-4pm, 6 – 9pm
  • Thurs­day, April 22 from 6 – 9pm 

These open­ing events will be held for hour-long inter­vals, with a max­i­mum of 15 peo­ple attend­ing per hour in order to main­tain COVID-19 safety regulations. 

From April 12 – 22, there will be addi­tional oppor­tu­ni­ties for peo­ple to stop by for up to 30 min­utes from 12pm — 6pm. Sign up here to attend dur­ing these times.

COVID-19 Pre­cau­tions: Masks will be enforced and capacity/​social dis­tanc­ing guide­lines will be followed.