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Designing the Future

September 21, 2012

Designing the Future

From October 1-3, John Marshall will be participating in a three day design conference and workshop called To Be Designed (TBD). The event, hosted by the Stamps School, brings together a small group of designers, writers, curators, journalists, and technologists to Detroit to engage in a broad discussion about shifts going on in the world of making, manufacturing, design and innovation.

During the three day meeting, the group will work together to produce a tangible item: a catalog of everyday items from the near future. The expectation is that this catalog will spark conversations about the future of things to a wider audience than a more theoretical artifact such as a conference proceeding. Framing insights, conclusions, instincts in this way will make for an accessible representation – one that will be more legible to a wider audience. It plays to the design fiction sensibilities that runs through the work many of the participants have been pursuing for the last several years. It’ll be something than can embody and make material the conversations in the charrette – the insights and their consequences; the agreements and disagreements; the speculations about what may be – all of these will be captured and represented as a collection of everyday things one may find in a Sky Mall catalog from the near future.

Participants include:

Julian Bleecker, Los Angeles
James Bridle, London,
Emmet Byrne, Minneapolis,
Aaron Straup Cope, New York City,
Nick Foster, San Francisco,
Raphaël Grignani, San Francisco,
Marc Greuther, Detroit
Christian Svanes Kolding, New York City
Rhys Newman, Los Angeles
Nicolas Nova, Geneva,
Moka Pantages, San Francisco,
Bruce Sterling, Turin, Belgrade,
Chris Woebken, New York City,
John Marshall & Cezanne Charles, Ann Arbor,
Karl Daubmann, Ann Arbor
Tom Bray, Ann Arbor

Designing the Future