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Deanna Krueger Exhibits at Olympia Center

Krueger sq

Olympia Center is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Chicago artist Deanna Krueger (BFA 2002). 

Krueger works abstractly at the juncture where sculpture and painting intersect. Her process begins with recycled medical diagnostic film (X‑Ray and MRI film) she layers with acrylic monotype prints. The film is then torn apart and the shards are reconnected into new configurations using thousands of staples. The resulting pieces are hybrids taking the form of large abstract wall hanging works that are slightly three-dimensional. The visual aesthetic is at once high-tech and primordial. The work evokes a multitude of associations: aquatic life forms, otherworldly geological formations, surreal vegetation, scientific images of the minuscule, visions of the cosmos. The titles hint at the conceptual nuances embedded in the work. As our modes of information storage evolve, the artist’s chosen materials are becoming artifacts of an earlier age.

Deanna Krueger: Shards
Olympia Center 
151 E. Chicago Ave. Chicago, IL 

March 1 — May 31 
Artist’s reception: May 12 4:30 – 7 pm