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David Turnley: Chicago Ideas Week Presentation

Turnley Vid

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and Stamps Associate Professor David Turnley’s October 19 Chicago Ideas Week presentation Documenting Life Around the World Through Photographs” has been released.

The presentation was part of Unlocking Genius: The Dynamics Behind the World’s Greatest Minds featuring Annette Gordon-Reed (Professor, Harvard Law School & Harvard University), Brian Grazer (Award-Winning Film & TV Producer; New York Times Best-selling Author), Graham Moore (Best-selling Author & Academy Award-Winning Screenwriter), and David Turnley (Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photographer).

Chicago Ideas is a movement built on one core belief: When a broad spectrum of thinkers and instigators share ideas, we have the power to transform our world.

David Turnley is a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer who has documented events around the world ranging from the war in Beirut to 9/11. He speaks about what his work means to him, and how everyone should lead a life that is dignified.