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David Turnley and Jim Harbaugh Collaborate on New Book

Artist and athlete feat

A Michigan Today article looks at Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind, the new book featuring photographs by Stamps Professor David Turnley documenting Jim Harbaugh’s first year as U‑M Head Football Coach.

Pulitzer Prize-winning documentary photographer David Turnley, BA 77, and Michigan’s Head Football Coach Jim Harbaugh, BA 86, make an extraordinary team.

Both have competed and excelled at the top of their professions — one as an acclaimed war photographer, the other as an NFL championship quarterback and coach.

Both are passionate about their work. Both thrive amid chaos. And both love football.

Now, both share credit as co-authors of Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind (Foster Park, 2016). It is a striking, day-by-day document of Harbaugh’s first year as the J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Head Football Coach at Michigan.

The artist and the athlete | Michigan Today