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David Chung’s Short Film Selected for 2014 Richmond Folk Festival


David Chungs short film 2011 Counting Oysters” was screened on Saturday, Oct. 11 and Sunday, Oct. 12th at the 2014 Richmond Folk Festival in Richmond, VA

The abundance of oysters is incredible. There are whole banks of them … ships need to take care to avoid them. They are much bigger than the ones you find in England.”
 — Francis Louis Michel visiting the Chesapeake Bay in 1701

A day on the Oyster Toad. The once abundant oyster population in the Chesapeake Bay has been in serious decline due to overharvesting, sedimentation and water quality. Pooh Johnston and Wade Walker have been farming healthy oysters for over ten years on an estuary of Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Their oysters are grown from seed to market-size in about two years.