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David Chung Leads Human Rights Video Storytelling Workshop

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Photo: Nick Danziger 

Stamps Professor David Chung will lead a workshop in Mandalay aimed at producing short films that address human rights and/​or environmental issues for advocacy purposes.

Now in its fourth year, the Video Storytelling Workshop will take place in Mandalay for the first time, to provide the opportunity for emerging filmmakers and engaged activists in Upper Myanmar to learn how to use and produce short video addressing sensitive issues that impact on their communities.

The event is collaboration between the British Council in Burma, Equality Myanmar, University of Michigan (USA), Witness and the outreach programme at Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy (CHRA).

The workshop empowers young people by turning stories into powerful videos that can raise awareness, influence public perceptions and be a tool for change.
The programme offers a combination of lectures, screenings, working groups, group tutoring sessions and technical exercises (shooting with DSLR cameras and editing on Adobe Première Pro CC) focusing on the production of a short video advocacy project on human rights and/​or environmental issues.