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David Chung Cited in “Art Theory”, Oxford Press

0000067 art theory a very short introduction

Stamps Professor David Chung and his work are cited in the new edition of Art Theory, A Very Short introduction by Cynthia Freehand and published by Oxford Press. 

In today’s art world many strange, even shocking, things qualify as art. Art Theory: A Very Short Introduction discusses beauty, blood, culture, money, museums, sex, and politics, clarifying contemporary and historical accounts of the nature, function, and interpretation of the arts. It examines art on the Web, video art, museum CD-ROMs, and various theorists of the new media and of postmodern art. It surveys the latest research on the brain’s role in perceiving art and engages with the big debates surrounding our responses to art, examining why innovation and controversy are valued in the arts.

Art Theory: A Very Short Introduction — Cynthia Freeland — Oxford University Press