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Cooper Holoweski:  Basement Cosmos at CCS Center Galleries, Detroit

Cooper 2017

Cooper Holoweski’s (BFA 2004) Basement Cosmos, on view at CCS’s Center Galleries from Sept. 15 – Oct. 21, is a multimedia exhibition that approaches our relationship with the infinite. 

The show highlights a tension between the divine and the commonplace by using everyday objects to depict the sublime. The works are statements from a spiritual manifesto, though made with materials like cardboard and aluminum foil. While there are moments of transcendence as the viewer gets lost in the imagery, the means of construction are always apparent. 

The show includes two projected video loops with sound. One piece, titled Cannibal Universe, is constructed of coffee grounds, kitchen matches, ink in a mason jar, and other accessible materials to depict the birth, death and reincarnation of our universe. The other video, Food, Clothing, Shelter, is a series of quick cuts that progress from images of the natural world, to our built environments, to our technologies for depicting the natural world from within our built environments.

The show also includes a group of three sculptures that Holoweski made in collaboration with his three-year old son Cassius Oak. These sculptures, titled Mobius Strip, Calabi-Yau Manifold, and

Ouroboros Ghost Worm Eating His Own Butt

, each represent a form of eternal cyclicality. The subjects for these pieces were chosen by the father and elaborated upon by the son; and the pieces physically constructed by both.

Basement Cosmos
Sept. 15 – Oct. 212017
Opening on Sept. 15th from 6 – 8pm

CCS — Center Galleries
Manoogian Visual Resource Center
301 Frederick Douglass
Detroit, MI 48202
Gallery Hours: Tues.-Sat. 10am – 5pm