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Convergence: A Student Fashion Show

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Convergence is a fashion show produced by students in Experimental Fashion Design, a course taught by Lecturer Annica Cuppetelli. It takes place this Saturday, April 27, at 7 p.m. in the Taubman Commons on the second floor of the Art & Architecture Building. 

The show is both a group project and a showcase of the work they have produced during the semester. There are three independent research themes that students had to create projects for Ceremonial Garment, Material Culture, and Clothing as Art. Featured in the show is work by students Abby Rapoport, Bryan Wilson, Cate Bennett, Chloe Sapp, Dana Gray, Emil Lamb, Ery Millican, Lauren Kopp, Liv Pilot, Maddie Vassalo, Naomi Rodriguez, Preston Williams, Sonali Narayan, Xinyi Ma.

The show’s planning, design, and production have been ongoing throughout the semester. While it has been under the instructor’s supervision, the show is a student-led undertaking that has included design, logistics, event planning, and fundraising.

Through the exploration of material choice and different concepts, this student-run fashion show delves into the intersection of meaning, craft, and design. As artists, we aim to successfully convey what it looks like to utilize all three.

The group is asking for attendees to RSVP to attend the event.