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Conner Darling and Sindhu Giri Create VR Experience of Geomagnetic Storms

Magneto 2 First Frame

Conner Darling (BM 19) and Sindhu Giri (BA 19, BS 19) were artists in residence in the Magnetometer Lab at the Space Research Center, University of Michigan. Their collaborative project is a virtual reality (VR) experience within a CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment). They’ve developed an experiential narrative of the near Earth geomagnetic storm processes so that the phenomenon can be understood beyond a purely scientific perspective. 

While the VR experience is limited to the CAVE space at the Duderstadt Library, a video showcasing the experience of moving through the model can be viewed here.

Their VR experience was featured in the University of Michigan’s Coursera Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality: Opportunities and Issues Teach Out. The video for this course explains the conceptual and technical decisions behind the project.

Darling and Giri will present their collaborative residency project at the 2020 Media & Studio Arts Symposium. The symposium will take place on February 2022 at the Video Studio in the University of Michigan Duderstadt Center. 

2020 Media & Studio Arts Symposium
February 2022, 2020
Video Studio, Duderstadt Center
2281 Bonisteel Blvd
Ann Arbor, Michigan