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Colin Hunter: "Remediation Project" Wins U-M Writing Honor

A first-year Stamps student combined a love of computer graphics and paper artistry into an award-winning video. 

Colin Hunter, wearing a black tshirt
Colin Hunter

Colin Hunter’s video, Remediation Project, was selected as the recipient of the Excellence in the Practice of Writing category at the recent Excellence in First-Year Writing Awards from the Gayle Morris Sweetland Center for Writing at U‑M. Hunter says that the task was to revisit an essay he had written earlier in the semester. 

The video was based on a narrative I had written about how technology and social media were essential to my growth as an artist,” said Hunter. For my video, I decided to focus on exactly how I use technology in my creative process as a paper artist.”

Hunter, who is pursuing a bachelor of fine arts at Stamps, is interested in 3D and sculptural work. His background as an artist who focuses on paper has allowed him to work with researcher at U‑M on investigating deployable structures.

For more about Hunter and his work, visit Col​in​de​sign​gallery​.com.