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Christina Burch: Sea of Blood

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Christina Burch: Sea of Blood will be on display from Oct. 2 through Dec. 13 at the NCRC’s Rotunda Gallery, Bldg 18.

Sea of Blood is an exhibition of new paintings based on the poetic envisioning of the energetic body. The title comes from one of the names given to the central channel in the ancient Chinese medical classic Huandi Neijing. The central channel is a column of energy and it is enfolded in the developing fetus in the womb when the sperm and egg come together at conception. After birth it continues to develop and the other channels branch out from it throughout the cycle of life. The physical body develops and is structured upon this energetic matrix of channels, and the central channel, or sea of blood, runs from the crown of the head to the perineum. The idea is that the central channel is like a karmic blueprint for the unfolding of the essence as well as a storehouse of lessons from previous incarnations. As the cycles of life unfold, various lessons or karmas ripen and manifest. The central channel is also the primary energetic channel used in evolving consciousness in many different spiritual systems for cultivation and enlightenment.