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Charlie Naebeck Publishes Glimpses of Italy

Charlienaebeck glimpses

Charlie Naebeck (BFA 2014) will release Glimpses of Italy, a book about his experiences studying abroad as a Stamps student.

My new book Glimpses of Italy” is an unfiltered retrospective of that journey through the lens of the camera. As a teacher now myself in New York City, and as an alumni of the University of Michigan, my goal in publishing this book is to share insight into the creative process. Too often we are afraid to share our ideas in fear of backlash or judgement from our peers. My ideas in Italy were certainly all over the map both literally and figuratively. Without the experience though, I would have never understood how important it is to experiment and to throw the proverbial spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

Glimpses of Italy” will be available for purchase at http://​www​.char​lien​ae​beck​.com in Summer 2015.