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Carolyn Nowak: Girl Town

Girl town cover small lg

Top Shelf Productions recently announced Girl Town, a new collection by Ignatz Award-winning cartoonist Carolyn Nowak (BFA 11) that uses fantasy worlds to explore profound truths about friendship and desire.” The 160-page graphic collection will be available on September 25, 2018 and can be pre-ordered on Ama​zon​.com.

Diana got hurt — a lot — and she’s decided to deal with this fact by purchasing a life-sized robot boyfriend. Mary and La-La host a podcast about a movie no one’s ever seen. Kelly has dragged her friend Beth out of her comfort zone — and into a day at the fantasy market that neither of them will forget.

Carolyn Nowak’s Girl Town collects the Ignatz Award-winning stories Radishes” and Diana’s Electric Tongue” together with several other tales of young adulthood and the search for connection. Here are her most acclaimed mini-comics and anthology contributions, enhanced with new colors and joined by brand-new work.

Bold, infatuated, wounded, or lost, Nowak’s girls shine with life and longing. Their stories — depicted with remarkable charm and insight — capture the spirit of our time.

Girl Town by Carolyn Nowak | Top Shelf Productions