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Carolina Jones Featured in Ongoing Magazine

Carolina Jones 3

Car­olina Jones (Stamps BFA 22) was fea­tured in a stu­dent spot­light arti­cle pub­lished in the U‑M School of Social Work’s mag­a­zine, Ongo­ing (pages 22 – 23).

Born in Reynosa, Mex­ico, Jones is an illus­tra­tor with a focus on comic art and illus­tra­tion. She is minor­ing in Com­mu­nity Action & Social Change (CASC) at the School of Social Work.

The Ongo­ing spot­light explores the ways that Jones’ lived expe­ri­ences with immi­gra­tion inform her cre­ative work, moti­vate her expres­sions of com­mu­nity care, and inspire her to learn more about con­nect­ing com­mu­ni­ties through art, design, and social work. 

Speak­ing of her learn­ing jour­ney through CASC, Jones states: 

I took Advanced Com­mu­nity Engage­ment through the Arts — it was so tai­lored to my inter­ests. When work­ing with the com­mu­nity, you need to ask your­self the how and why — it’s not enough to just engage, you need to know what you are doing. The class also focused on trauma-informed edu­ca­tion, which is so impor­tant, espe­cially for com­mu­ni­ties like mine: there is so much trauma rooted at the border.”