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Carolina Jones Featured in Ongoing Magazine

Carolina Jones 3

Carolina Jones (Stamps BFA 22) was featured in a student spotlight article published in the U‑M School of Social Work’s magazine, Ongoing (pages 22 – 23).

Born in Reynosa, Mexico, Jones is an illustrator with a focus on comic art and illustration. She is minoring in Community Action & Social Change (CASC) at the School of Social Work.

The Ongoing spotlight explores the ways that Jones’ lived experiences with immigration inform her creative work, motivate her expressions of community care, and inspire her to learn more about connecting communities through art, design, and social work. 

Speaking of her learning journey through CASC, Jones states: 

I took Advanced Community Engagement through the Arts — it was so tailored to my interests. When working with the community, you need to ask yourself the how and why — it’s not enough to just engage, you need to know what you are doing. The class also focused on trauma-informed education, which is so important, especially for communities like mine: there is so much trauma rooted at the border.”