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Creative Workforce Needed: Career Prep at Stamps

Recent data from the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) suggests that individuals who work in design and the arts report some of the highest levels of job satisfaction in America.

That's great news for the approximately 80% of Stampers who end up working in the creative industries post-graduation. How does this stat stack up to other undergraduate programs on a national scale? Nationwide, 74% of individuals who pursued a creative path in their undergraduate studies end up working in their field of study at some point, showing just how hungry 21st Century employers may be for a creative workforce.

The fact that Stamps grads secure highly coveted creative jobs at a higher-than-average national rate is in no way accidental. At the Stamps School, we're working harder than ever to ensure our students have the networking opportunities, feedback sessions, and professional training they need to parlay their art and design education into a satisfying post-college career. With a U-M alumni network of 570,000 and a number of Stamps-specific career preparation initiatives including Portfolio Expo, Career Bootcamp, alumni critique visits, workshops, one-on-one coaching, and more, Stamps Students emerge from their undergraduate studies ready to be more than a great national statistic. They are seeking the lifelong satisfaction that seemingly only the pursuit of creativity can provide.

Career preparation activities are generously funded by donations to the Stamps Opportunity Fund.