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Candy Chang Creates Monument for the Anxious and Hopeful

Monument hopeful anxious 2

Candy Chang (BFA 2001) exhibited A Monument for the Anxious an Hopeful” in the lobby of the Rubin Museum in New York over Summer 2018

Created in partnership with the writer James A. Reeves, the exhibition’s goal was to invite viewers to reconsider their relationship with the future. As Chang notes, anxiety and hope are determined by a moment that has yet to arrive.” In other words, although the two emotions seem to be opposites, both look toward the future and events to come.

The exhibition consisted of a wall divided between orange and blue. Visitors to the museum were invited to fill out cards with the prompts I’m anxious because…” or I’m hopeful because…” and then hang the card on the corresponding side of the wall. Chang and Reeves felt that this exhibition would be particularly salient in today’s technological, political, and social climates, all of which are in a constant state of flux. They hoped that by openly acknowledging fears and desires, visitors would feel less isolated and part of a larger community.

For more information on Chang, visit www​.can​dy​chang​.com.

A Monument for the Anxious an Hopeful | The Rubin