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Call for Participation: SOCIAL SPACE STATION


Students in Emilia White’s Social Spaces course at the University of Michigan Stamps School of Art & Design have been prompted to create a participatory assignment for a group of individuals to follow. The assignments have been carefully crafted to encourage the maximum amount of creativity and self reflection in the minimum amount of time. Participants are sought far and wide, so please share the info with your long-lost friends, grandmother, best friend’s cat’s former roommate, and so on! The resulting responses will be displayed collectively on the project website in the end of April.

To participate, please click on one or more of the assignments listed below and follow the instructions outlined in the google submission form. You will be notified once your submission has been received. You will have the option to remain anonymous, if you prefer. All participants will be notified once the website has been launched. You can view ongoing updates on the project by searching the hashtag #socialspacestation on Instagram.

Deadline for participation: Tuesday, April 20
Assignment Prompts: please click on the links to go to the full description and submission forms.

  1. Character, sincerely yours (Tyler Brown)
  2. Picture Perfect (Dilan Huang)
  3. CreateAToy (Jonathan Walsh)
  4. Change Your Name (Alena Duykers)
  5. The Paths You Take (Allegra Forman)
  6. Food Art (Myka Flint)
  7. Affiliative Night Light (Aiden Mirza)
  8. Costuming a Positive Feeling (Kyra Koprowski)
  9. Candle Exchange (Shira Baron)
  10. Map your surroundings (Bella Kim)
  11. Have a Tea Party (Jenna Johnson)
  12. Be an Expert! (Angel Manson)
  13. Go Outside (Amelia Hansen)
  14. Personal Time (Jacob Napier)
  15. My Neighbor is YOU! (Angelique Lemrow)
  16. Check Up on Your (Inner) Child (Jude Boudon)
  17. Please, make a cake” (Mim Siegel)