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Boston Review Publishes Excerpt from Radical Humility

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The Boston Review published an essay from the book Radical Humility: Essays on Ordinary Acts, edited by Professor Rebekah Modrak and Art & Design Librarian Jamie Vander Broek. The essay Against Persuasion” by Agnes Callard (Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Chicago) explores the value of being inquisitive and the collaborative nature of knowledge through Socrates’ conversations with other people who claimed to have knowledge. Radical Humility was published by Belt Publishing in March 2021. In the book, Callard’s essay appears as Loving Knowledge Together: Socratic Humility.”

Radical Humility
is a collection of essays by philosophers, artists, a lawyer, a journalist, a cook, a columnist, psychologists, educators, consumer culture and race scholars, and others about the value of humility, and the harms of arrogance, from personal, political, and institutional perspectives.

Against Persuasion | The Boston Review