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Bechara Maalouf: The Stoop Stool

Image of 4 stools

Bechara Maalouf (BFA 20) works as a product design lead at Chassie, a furniture design studio known for their wacky desks and table tops located in the South Bronx, NY. The Stamps alum saw an abundance of scrap wood being left behind with each desk being produced, and saw an opportunity to create something fun and unique. Once the Stoop Stools are made, they are randomly placed throughout the streets of NYC for people to stumble upon and take home for themselves. The goal of the project is to use scrap wood to create furniture that is accessible to anyone willing to go looking for it. 

Check out the Stoop Stool instagram: @stoopstool to see how they’re made and where they’re placed from week to week so you can go out looking for them!

Stoop stools can also be purchased in very limited quantities at chas​sie​.com.