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Barbara Coburn: Spring in Winter


Barbara Coburn’s (BFA 68) new collection, Spring in Winter”, is on view at the Robert Kidd Gallery virtually and by appointment only. Coburn is known for her abstract paintings that use industrial materials like tar, spackle, and enamel to create geometric and natural forms. 

Her flower paintings utilize visual play between positive and negative, bold coloration and high contrast. Her beautiful and iconic pop-based works show a contemporary abstract edge and a uniformity of style. Furthermore, her work investigates the shapes of flowers, resulting in large multi-chromatic images that float and cluster together, pushing the edges of the paper and creating works that demand your attention by virtue of their extreme sexiness. Her work simplifies and distorts flowers with bold and unnatural colors that incorporate basic geometric and organic forms with a formal purity that is both subtle and mesmerizing

Robert Kidd Gallery
107 Townsend St, Birmingham, MI 48009
Open by Appointment Only (max. three people): Call (248) 6423909, Text (808) 2503220, or email Gerard@​RobertKiddGallery.​com to schedule a private viewing
View the collection online: townsend​street​gallery​.com/​b​a​r​b​a​r​a​-​c​oburn