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Audrey Bennett Secures External Gift from Coforma

"Coforma: Impactful by design" in white on a blue background

Audrey Bennett recently secured an external gift from Coforma to support her human-subjects research on the co-creation of inclusive audio description.

Coforma is a minority-owned business in Washington D.C., that works with the government and private sector to craft creative solutions and build technology products that improve people’s lives. They’ve honed a modern, agile, user-centered approach that elevates human needs through thoughtfully-designed systems and products. They’re a small business of ~110 people that intentionally hires US military Veterans, which compose 10% of their team. To date, their diverse team has helped improve access to quality healthcare, connected families in crisis at the US border, researched improvements to Veteran care, provided greater access to civic tools, used technology to tell previously untold stories, improved the federal retiree experience, and increased access to equity. Visit them at coforma​.io.