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Audrey Bennett, Ron Eglash Co-Edit New Design Ideas Journal


Stamps Professors Audrey Bennett and Ron Eglash co-edited a special issue of New Design Ideas, Vol. 5, No. 1, offering a focus on Generative Justice in Design.

The issue features writings by Audrey Bennett, Ron Eglash, Keesa V. Johnson (MDes 21), and other scholars on the role design in creating and sustaining Generative Justice within communities. 

In a 2021 interview with Michigan News, Eglash discussed the exploration of Generative Justice: 

While the idea of a cir­cu­lar econ­omy is com­mon for envi­ron­men­tal value, there is often lit­tle atten­tion paid to labor and social value,” said Eglash, who is a pro­fes­sor at Stamps and the U‑M School of Infor­ma­tion. The goal […] is to explore what it might mean to allow all of those ele­ments to cycle value back to the grass­roots cre­atives, whether those are peo­ple, plants or other agents of generativity.” 

New Design Ideas | Special Issue of Generative Justice in Design