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Audrey Bennett, Ron Eglash Co-Edit New Design Ideas Journal


Stamps Pro­fes­sors Audrey Ben­nett and Ron Eglash co-edited a spe­cial issue of New Design Ideas, Vol. 5, No. 1, offer­ing a focus on Gen­er­a­tive Jus­tice in Design.

The issue fea­tures writ­ings by Audrey Ben­nett, Ron Eglash, Keesa V. John­son (MDes 21), and other schol­ars on the role design in cre­at­ing and sus­tain­ing Gen­er­a­tive Jus­tice within communities. 

In a 2021 inter­view with Michi­gan News, Eglash dis­cussed the explo­ration of Gen­er­a­tive Justice: 

While the idea of a cir­cu­lar econ­omy is com­mon for envi­ron­men­tal value, there is often lit­tle atten­tion paid to labor and social value,” said Eglash, who is a pro­fes­sor at Stamps and the U‑M School of Infor­ma­tion. The goal […] is to explore what it might mean to allow all of those ele­ments to cycle value back to the grass­roots cre­atives, whether those are peo­ple, plants or other agents of generativity.” 

New Design Ideas | Spe­cial Issue of Gen­er­a­tive Jus­tice in Design