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Art and Architecture Alumni: Movement Electronic Music Festival Installation

RUTT2014photo 3

Stamps School Alumna Ellen Rutt (BFA 12), Taubman Architecture alumni Patrick Ethen, Rachel Mulder, Eiji Jimbo, Simon Anton and LSA Alumnus Alan Sedghi recently collaborated to create an art installation for Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit next weekend. The installation was selected as part of the CAMP Detroit program, an organization that aims to give Detroit artists, makers and thinkers the opportunity and resources to create beautiful and inspired projects that will be displayed at Movement before they are relocated into our neighborhoods.

The project is called The Good-Time Light-Hearted Lean Peaks”, a series of three, nine-foot-tall wooden pyramids that serve as leaning surfaces and resting places by day. At night the volumes illuminate from within, pulsing in response to audio from nearby stages and setting the scene for a dance extravaganza. The exterior surface of each pyramid is painted to have it’s own unique personality, through a variety of techniques ranging from simple, soothing gradients to intricate and complex patterning. 

This idea was distilled from a shared interest in place-making”, creating site-specific installations by carefully considering the surrounding environment throughout the design process. A true synthesis of art and architecture, the Good-Time Team built structures that are sculptural (formal), interactive (functional), and aesthetically pleasing (visually stimulating).

The Lean Peaks will be placed at the bottom of the Amphiteater near the Pyramid Stage in Hart Plaza through out Movement, Memorial Day Weekend. After the festival they will rest outside of the Quicken Loans Building in Campus Martius until September.