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Annica Cuppetelli Featured in ReFashion Exhibition

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Stamps Lecturer Annica Cuppetelli’s work is featured in ReFashion, an exhibition on display at form & concept gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, through October 302016.

We’re basically playing with people’s expectations of what fashion or wearability is,” says Director and Curator Frank Rose. There’s an implicit exhibitionist quality in wearing any type of clothing and there are some fantastic artists that take this to another level – not only through works that are functionally wearable, but using fashion, clothing and wearables as a starting point for conceptual pieces.” 

Cuppetelli’s new work, titled Body Vessels, explores how past and present fashion design is tailored to constrict the female figure and ultimately to transform it. She uses techniques and materials borrowed from garment making and fashion design and applies them to creating forms that evoke garments, but exist as sculptures and spaces. 

form & concept gallery 
435 S Guadalupe St, Santa Fe, NM 87501