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Anna van Schaap: Dual Show at Galleri 2987

Vanschaap dual

Galleri 2987 presents TVA: Two, Pair, Duet, a dual exhibition featuring the work of Anna van Schaap (BFA 2010) and Molly Aubry. The exhibition features new work by van Schaap, continuing from her latest series created during her Knight Arts Foundation residency with Spread Art. 

Her work, both past and present, is about the personal-politcal. Her work often explores the internal lives of women and the oppressive societal structures that limit progress. She is interested in the destruction and self-destruction of the female body. Influenced by her Midwest upbringing, and the repressive identity politics associated with the region, her work overlaps surrealist painting with traditional portraiture, while exploring ideas of gender dynamics, destruction of the femme, symbolism, ritual, communication (or the inability to communicate), and the psychopathology that arises from being silenced.

TVA: Two, Pair, Duet
Molly Aubry and Anna van Schaap

Opening reception: Friday, February 23, 2018 from 6 — 10pm
Facebook event: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​e​v​e​n​t​s​/​1846005495689787/
Galleri 2987
2987 Franklin Street, Detroit, Michigan 48207