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Ann Stewart: Solo Exhibition at Whitespace

Causa sui ann stewart press image 1

Causa Sui, Ann Stewarts (MFA 2009) first solo exhibition at Whitespace, features graphite drawings, intaglio prints, and 3D printed sculptures that continue Stewart’s investigation into the visualization of perception. Causa sui, which is latin for cause of itself”, is a phenomenon that philosopher Jim Holt describes as entities bootstrapping themselves into existence. Using a process of pattern recognition and pattern generation, both finding and fabricating forms, Stewart is negotiating the boundary between randomness and structure. She creates impossible objects and disorienting spaces that swarm, merge, morph, cantilever, implode, and explode. The architectonic structures operate within their own gravitational fields to produce precarious junctures and intricate voids. 

Partial funding for the 3D printed sculptures was provided by a grant from Idea Capital. Some of the intaglio prints were created while Stewart was an artist in residence at Anchor Graphics, which was funded in part by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council.

Causa Sui
814 Edgewood Ave, Atlanta, GA 30307 
June 26th – August 1st2015 
Opening Reception: June 26, 7 pm — 10 pm