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Ann Stewart: "Paper Trails" Exhibition at Whitespace

Ann Stewart Borrowed Scenery I detail

Paper Trails, an exhibition by Ann Stewart (MFA 09) and Joe Camoosa, features a mix of vibrant and understated abstract drawings and paintings that investigate how movement, pattern, and illusion create unseen, revelatory spaces. Both artists utilize drawing and painting on paper, shifts in scale and a variety of materials to explore a shared interest in architecture, mapping, and perception.

Each work in this exhibition is a paper trail, an abstracted record of time, presence, intent, and thought documenting the ongoing exchange between the artists. From the outset, Japanese and English gardens, mazes, maps, and the uncertainty of meaning figured prominently in the conversation. Echoing how Sophia Walker describes the allure of the garden in her book, The Japanese Garden, the artists use the purity of geometry, the obscurity of abstraction and the ungraspability of poetry”, to create spaces that offers a respite for discovery and awe. 

Whitespace :814 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30307
March 21 — April 302022