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Andy Kirshner's New Film Featured in the Detroit Free Press

A man acting in the role of Henry Ford's ghost wears a straw brimmed hat and sits on a subway car.
The ghost of Henry Ford (John Lepard) kills time on Detroit’s People Mover” 

Film critic Julie Hinds interviewed Stamps associate professor Andy Kirshner for the Detroit Free Press about his new film, 10 Questions for Henry Ford.

Hinds writes:

America has always struggled to confront hard truths about its past, as the events of 2021 continue to demonstrate. The parallels between the contemporary rise of hate and Ford’s antisemitism of a century ago are what fueled Andy Kirshner’s new movie, which fits into the genre of docu-fiction.” 

10 Questions for Henry Ford is available to watch online through Sunday, November 14, 2021 as part of the Ojai Film Festival. 

Ghost of automotive icon confronts his ugly, tragic side in 10 Questions for Henry Ford’ | Detroit Free Press