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Andy Kirshner Featured on WDET and Michigan Radio

A man presumed to be Henry Ford stands at a city intersection with his back to the camera.

In November 2021, Stamps Asso­ciate Pro­fes­sor Andy Kir­sh­ner spoke to WDET’s Stephen Henderson and to Michigan Radio’s April Baer about his new feature-length experimental documentary, 10 Ques­tions for Henry Ford.

The film uses archival doc­u­ments, oral his­to­ries, Ford’s per­sonal note­books, and the automak­er’s tragic rela­tion­ship with his his­tor­i­cally under-appre­ci­ated son, Edsel to take a brutally honest look at the complex legacy of an American icon, Henry Ford. 

In the radio interviews, Kirshner shares elements of his research, the genesis of the project, his creative process, and the parallels between Ford’s highly divisive time and present day America. 

As Kirshner tells Baer, I became interested in the complexities and contradictions of his [Ford’s] personality. He was a folk hero, but he was also a really influential anti-Semite. Probably the American anti-Semite who did the most damage — ever.”