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Andy Kirshner: "10 Questions for Henry Ford" Premieres at AAFF

Poster: 10 Questions for Henry Ford shows a figure wearing a hat in front of the Ford Motor Co. plant.

Stamps Associate Professor Andy Kirshners new film, 10 Questions for Henry Ford, was one of 10 feature films in competition at the 60th Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival. The docu-fiction” film about the complex legacy of Henry Ford, screened on Saturday, March 26, at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor. 

A carefully researched combination of historical fact and poetic imagining, Kirshners film separates popular myth from reality, and sheds light on some of the more troubling aspects of Ford’s life and work, including his outspoken antisemitism and his violent suppression of organized labor. 

Visit the movie’s website to view the trailer and for additional information: hen​ry​ford​movie​.com.